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King of the Hammers

We're out in the desert between Barstow and Palm Springs... Burning man for offroaders.

Family visits 🙂 the reason I'm here

First week in the USA has come to an end. Devon arrived Friday and then we started the road trip together Saturday to see Frances and Glenn at opposite ends of the State. First we made the journey to Clearlake to see Mum/Mom We stayed overnight with Aunt Donna. Out for Dinner with Donna and Uncle David. After breakfast the next day and another visit to Mum we set off on the 5 hour drive south to Paso Robles and Pops.  Mum is doing pretty well. Much better than the last time I saw her. She was really happy the 49ers won in the playoffs for the Superbowl!  Time for visit to Paso where I will be staying for a while to try and drum up some business/earn some money!  That's all for now will keep updating as I go 

USA trip begins...

I have only just been dropped off at Edinburgh airport, checked in ALL of the bags...  gone through security, got myself sat down with the obligatory Pint and bacon roll... and it's really hit me how much I am going to miss my LOVELY WIFE  and all of the lovely time we get to spend together. I know that this is a temporary situation and she will be coming to visit in a few months, but even with the excitement of a transatlantic adventure I am already looking forward to seeing her again.