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Saturday Prawn Tacos

Think they turned out really well!  Mixture  Shells  Limes  Only missing the Margaritas! 

Saturday Night Pizza Night

Frozen Pizza bases from Cranstons in Penrith 85p each Then fresh home made sauce frozen in an ice cube tray. Then apply toppings!  Before oven  After 

What a talented and wonderful wife!

Prisca made this for Helen's daughter inlaw Angela for her 50th birthday! 🎂

Weekends are for...

Dog walks with Len and Prisca  Starting the next Homebrew 

Temporary fix

Local garage inspecting the driver side window of the Peugeot  Yesterday (4 days since we picked up the replacement car) the driver side electric window  got stuck and then sunk to never reappear... Today the lovely Prisca managed to locate a garage to check out the damage and figure out the next steps. A temporary fix was put into place until we can figure out who is going to pay for the repair.